Simple Tips For Cleaning A Luggage Set

Traveling with your bag from and to different places can cause some undesirables to creep in, and that’s why taking care of it is essential. You get to remove debris and at the same time extend its longevity. The many best luggage sets reviews show you how to do a proper cleanup, and we have come up with the simplest.

Empty Your Bag

This is the first step before you start cleaning your bag. Take everything out from inside pockets both large and small, to prevent damage during the cleanup. Let it air out for at least one hour to help reduce odors to improve the inside smell and temperature.

Clean The Inside

After airing out your luggage, loosen dirt, dust and other small particles with a brush by brushing the surfaces. Preferably, you can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the debris and make the task simpler. If the carry-on has a plastic lining, wipe it with a damp towel before vacuuming to suck in any spilled liquids.

Check The Detachable Components of The Bag

Some suitcases have removable parts including liners and pockets. It all depends on the make of your bag. For the one with detachable components, remove them and wash with warm water and mild soap. Never, use bleach and other chemicals to eliminate dirt or debris because it might cause discoloration and other damages. Reshape the pieces and air dry them for at least 30 minutes before reattaching.

Clean The Outside of The Bag

Using a less abrasive cleaning solution like mild soapy water is a better choice. Wet the cloth and test it on the wheels of frame of the luggage. If it eliminates the dirt, you can now use it on the other parts of the bag. Wipe down the entire outside surface and brush out sticky spots and spills as you change the water. After finishing the exterior part, use another damp rug to remove the soap residue. Preferably, you can opt to clean hard-sided bag with a spray cleaner, then wipe with a wet cloth. Later, take a dry rug to remove any residue and leave the luggage to dry.

Soft-sided Bag Cleaning

Use a mild soap and water to eliminate any dirt and debris buildup. In case this does not work, use a spot remover such as cleaning spray or a foam cleaner used on automobile carpets or car mats. And for odors, utilize 1 part vinegar and 5 parts water mixture(1:5) to keep the bag clean-smelling. Put charcoal inside the carrying unit for at least a day and close the bag to absorb the smell.

Store The Bag

Extremes of humidity and temperature tend to age a bag. If you store your luggage in the basement or attic, let it air dry from time to time to prevent the formation of mildew. Also, it aids in maintaining adequate resiliency to keep in the right conditions. Remember to cover it loosely to avoid dust and dirt accumulation. Leave zippers open for maximum breathability.

The numerous luggage sets reviews have information about the proper maintenance of a bag. Using the above procedure, you can extend the lifespan of your carry unit and keep it in pristine shape without spending too much money on the pricey cleanup solutions.