How To Minimise Office Reinstatement Costs?

If you are a new tenant to your building, then you should be aware of future reinstatement costs that you might incur. Depending on what you choose to do with the space, the cost of reinstatement may vary from very low to very high. Not sure what we are talking about? Then read this article on the types of reinstatement costs and how you can avoid them.

What Will Your Reinstatement Contractor Charge You For

Office reinstatement Singapore works include termination, disposal, dismantling, hacking and restoration works. The overall aim is to return the venue back to its original state before any additions were made. As such, a rule of thumb to follow is that the less changes you make to the space, the less costly the reinstatement works will be.

Termination Works

Termination is used to describe the removal of all wiring, cables, pipes and fire safety systems that were not present at the start. To avoid excessive costs under this category, you could resist from changing the setup of extra electrical or plumbing systems.

By keeping to the current power socket points and piping, you would avoid needing to remove them.

Disposal of Furniture

The more furniture that you bring into the space, the more cost will be incurred to remove them. In particular, larger and more bulky furniture require more manpower or special machinery to help remove them from your office.

When purchasing furniture for your office, you should take into consideration any future disposal costs.

Dismantling Features

Many office owners choose to build in false walls, ceilings and other features to improve the design of their office. These temporal structures help with sound insulation, wire management and space segmentation. 

However, while these structures are useful, you should avoid overdoing them. The more installations that you make, the more that will have to be dismantled down during the reinstatement phase.

Hacking Cement Walls & Doors

Related to temporal features, any cement walls and doors that you install must be hacked down as part of reinstatement. These features offer greater sound insulation and privacy but are intended to be more long-term solutions.

As such, more cost will be incurred in the hacking down of the infrastructure.

Restoration Works

Once the reinstatement contractor has removed all installed structures and systems, it would be time to restore the space. Restoration includes the reinstating of all original lights, electrical power sockets, fire safety systems and air conditioning units. In addition, the space’s original colour will have to be repainted.

Finishing Reinstatement Works

Once the space has been restored to its original form, all parties involved – tenant, contractor & building management would have to sign off that the reinstatement has been completed.