How to create your Kickstarter Video

Here’s how to think about it – In any artistic creative endeavor, top talent in the industry represents an enormous difference in the final creative impact than “some guy who knows how to play guitar”.  That’s why, in video production, a guy in a restaurant with a guitar (your $3k video guy), really is incomparable to a “grammy nominated singer playing at red rocks” (your $50k video company).

I don’t know about you, but if I just spent the last 5 years developing my new company and kickstarter project to be the best in the world, I probably wouldn’t leave the fate of my product launch in the hands of inexperienced people who would want to cut corners and hire minimum wage workers.

But we get it.  You are a startup. So maybe you won’t get Beyonce for this production.  But at least you can find someone who is several leagues ahead of that restaurant player, someone who went to an ivy league school for film and persuasive media production, and a company that has a vetted track record and made hundreds of kickstarter videos, and even run multiple Million-dollar kickstarter campaigns, not to mention won corporate video awards. That would probably be a good baseline, if you want to be serious about starting your company through Kickstarter and having a video advertisement that can convert customers for years to come.

These budget companies might tell you, oh, script writing is free, that’s how our prices are so low.  But what that really means is that they will write a script in 15 minutes, without doing any market research, and it will come out looking like your mom’s boring infomercial.  When we say that we have a team of masters in creative film writing from Stanford and Columbia, what you are really getting is a whole lot more experience and knowledge, and a baseline of intelligence, for how to create a high converting kickstarter video more than any budget kickstarter video house would provide.  And still the cost is about half of what many larger video companies and ad agencies would charge.

What is a reasonable kickstarter video cost?

As we explored above, a high quality kickstarter video would start at around $5500, and go up to around $7000 for a full length film day, and added locations and actors can sometimes cost another $1000 – some companies prefer to have their production staffed with models, other times founders are ok starring in it themselves or staffing it with normal people instead of actors.

What to include in a kickstarter video?  Here’s what our friends at video brewery recommend: 

Kickstarter is all about community. In most cases, people are funding you as much as they’re funding your project. They want to see you, hear your passion, and get excited with you. Viewers also want to make sure you seem competent and trustworthy. When you’re on camera, bring all the energy you can muster, have fun, and smile often.

  • Tell viewers who you are.
  • Tell viewers the story behind your project.
  • Come out and ask for people’s support, explaining why you need it and what you’ll do with their money.
  • Talk about how awesome your rewards are, using any images you can.
  • Explain that if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll get nothing, and everyone will be sad.
  • Thank everyone!

Should I choose a kickstarter video company?

In most cases, a video agency that “does everything” is a lot less experienced than one who focuses on a specific video type.  We have been in the realm of crowdfunding videos since 2009, and were the first company in the United States to focus specifically on crowdfunding video production.  After $23 Million raised, our company has proven that we know the culture, attitude and direction of kickstarters, much more than your average production company.

How to Make a kickstarter video

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  • In general, the process is:
  • -Discover, Market Research
  • -Video Proposal, Screenwriting
  • -Storyboard and Shot List
  • -Logistics, Location, Casting, and Scheduling
  • -Full Film Day with Equipment and Cinematographer
  • -Transcoding and Data Management
  • -Video Editing, Versons 1 through 4
  • -Sound Design and Music
  • -Hollywood Color Grading
  • -Final Polish Noise Reduction
  • -Final Video Encoding and Compression