Dubai Property Prices Are Declining – Is it a Right Time to Invest?

Dubai property market is facing a downward trend and due to this fact renting prices are also record low. Even though Dubai is still the cheapest city if we talk about its major rivals like Tokyo, Singapore,Hong Kong etc. A few years ago, real estate dubai market was very volatile and it was not easy to find a cheap place to live. The economic condition of the world also impacting dubai real estate sector. Despite being a financial hub in the Arabian Gulf, this exotic city is also facing the financial crisis heat.

Dubai is a middle eastern city which is very assorted because of countless expats from various nations and nationalities. Some of them, who are working in Dubai, like to lease a loft instead of getting one since they are of the assessment that this will set aside the cash they save with an end goal to purchase a house in their country.

So Is It The Best Time to Invest in Properties?

As per the way that the expats ordinarily remain quite a while in Dubai, and the costs in the land market of Dubai will in general decrease in the coming years, a few specialists state that purchasing a house in Dubai is a choice helping them set aside cash. The reasons demonstrating that purchasing a property is the correct advance are as per the following:

Dubai Turned Into Buyer’s Market

As indicated by the JLL gauges, Dubai presently has transformed into the purchasers’ market, as the costs for properties in Dubai have declined by about a fourth of what they were in 2014. To be progressively exact, the decrease for lofts was 10 percent, and for manors was 9 percent in 2018.

Also, it has been anticipated that we will observe a decrease of 5-10 percent in the property value this year because of all the more new stock being added to the market.

Lease or Buy – What To Choose?

Mario Volpi, team lead of Engel and Völkers Dubai, has advanced that purchasing is normally progressively reasonable for any individual who has set his brain on remaining in Dubai for a long time or more.

For an individual who plans to remain in Dubai for a long time or more, it will be less expensive in the event that he purchases a property, as the expenses and charges included are very high. In any case, for those remaining for a shorter period leasing would be a superior alternative. Short term rental is a big trend that real estate experts are noticing in dubai property market.

Maximum Profit For Investors

Notwithstanding for financial specialists who would prefer not to live in Dubai, and simply need to exploit high leases in Dubai, agents accept that contributing presently is progressively rewarding.

They set forward that the benefit of venture for private properties in Dubai currently is around 6-8 percent while the figures identifying with comparative properties demonstrate a benefit of approximately 2 percent in Hong Kong. Likewise, the figures for London and Singapore are between 3.7-4.5 percent.

New Visa Rules Policies Are Working

New principles for visa set from the UAE’s administration are likewise anticipated to expand interest for putting resources into Dubai, expanding costs and leases in the long haul. A year ago, the UAE government declared a few measures went for boosting interest in Dubai.

One of the measures was empowering expats who are more than 55 to get five-year retirement on a state of owning a property worth, in any event, Dh2 million or having Dh1 million in investment funds or a functioning pay of almost Dh20,000 per month. Given the new guidelines, doctors and engineers are permitted to get a long term visa. I think this is a great option for professionals who wants to settle in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that right now real estate dubai market is showing slow progress but real estate companies in dubai are hopeful for a good future around 2021. Due to the decrease in buying prices, investors are investing good money to buy good properties. So that they could rent these properties and earn good profit. Despite being slow market tourists numbers are increasing so there is still huge potential in terms of short term rental properties.