DIY for 5 Kitchen Remodel Projects Anyone Can Master Like a Pro


Whether you’re living in one of the Arabian Ranches villas or in one of the City walk apartments, the kitchen is the heart of every home.

However, the accumulation of oil and grease makes it wear faster than other parts of the house. A kitchen renovation is a great way to bring a new life and improve function of your old kitchen.

We have compiled a few tips below to help you remodel your kitchen like a pro:

i. Change the cabinet’s hardware

This is a very simple and easy project since there is no experience or power tool required. For instance, you will only need a screwdriver to install new pulls or knobs. However, before you buy the pulls or knobs, make sure they do not only fit but also match with the aesthetics of the cabinet. In doing so, the pulls or knobs will not look like out of place.

ii. Upgrade the lighting

Most kitchens do not have adequate lighting, especially when natural light is limited. Fortunately, lighting up the kitchen is a simple project that can significantly transform your kitchen. For instance, you can swap the old incandescent bulb with a modern LED bulb. In fact, an LED bulb is more efficient and comes in a variety of hues.

iii.      Paint the walls

A fresh coat of paint will transform your kitchen, especially if you choose the right colors. To spice things up, you can try to add a focal point like painting a single … Read More


Sometimes, renters think that a rental lease is a blood contract that can’t be torn apart, but for those who don’t know, leases are more flexible than what you think. There are two basic things you have to prove to a landlord to convince him/her that their rent is too high:

  1. The amount charged is higher than the other similar rental apartments or places that are in the neighbourhood.

  1. You’re the tenant of the year and you’ve proven your value by paying on time and being a good renter.

So stop looking for other rentals and unless you’re getting an actual amazing rental offer on Dubai Creek Harbour, city walk apartments or interested in some new projects by Dubai Properties, don’t miss your chance to stay right where you are for an even better price.

Here are some tips on how to negotiate your rent with your landlord:


You have to be very thoughtful of this and be sure that you want to take the risk. When this is done, you have to do it before your lease renewal is due so you can start paying your amazing new lease as soon as possible. You have to be polite and start by saying that you love the place where you live but you’d like to pay the right price for it.


You love the place where you live right now but you’ve noticed that similar apartments have cheaper monthly … Read More

Some of the common business insurance policies that all small businesses should be targeting.


When a person invests all his money and energy in to their business, they expect it to pay off well. In addition to it, the business owner would want their business to stay away from any mishaps so that their reputation remains good. But let’s face it; accidents are a part and parcel of life. No matter how much you try to stay covered, there will definitely be some cases when your business gets involved in some mishaps. Hence, it is important that since you have spent so much on it already, why not spend a few quids more to make sure that it is insured. Since there are a lot of insurance companies, you can always compare small business insurance policies with iSelect.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber crimes are not a new phenomena in the current times. We have seen multiple businesses being significantly affected by cyber attacks on regular basis. The first thing tat every business should do is to try and prevent cyber crimes from affecting their business by taking appropriate measures. However, this will not suffice, business should also opt for Cyber Insurance to cover their business in case of any financial loss.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance, as the name suggests is an insurance policy specifically designed for the employees of the company. Some organizations do need to have this insurance as it is mandatory; however, it is advisable for all to have this insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance helps compensate the employees of … Read More

Wireless Charging System

If you’re one of the upbeat owners of an iPhone 3G, at that point you’ve likely known about the embrace remote charging framework. On the off chance that you haven’t caught wind of this superb gadget – read on! The cell phone is, without a doubt, one of the essential extras that individuals in the cutting edge world can’t manage without. In addition to the fact that you rely on your telephone for calling and messaging the present phone additionally offers unquestionably more highlights that can be appreciated by purchasers highlights, for example, cameras, mp3 players, coordinators, and even Web programs. Since the mobile phone is advancing practically regular, it wouldn’t have been long until PDA frill experience advancement also. One of the embellishments that are encountering quick development is the PDA charger, particularly those who are in the remote charger classification

Wireless Or Remote Charging

Fundamentally, the embrace remote charging cushion is a progressive method for charging your iPhone – a PDA charger without the typical wires! Gone are the days when charging your PDA implied stopping your telephone on the charger and appending the charger connector to a power attachment. With a remote charging framework, no electrical outlets are important to move capacity to your cell phone.

Fundamentally the embrace remote charger tangle is an energizing framework made of two extras: the remote charging cushion itself and a defensive case. The thin defensive case is fitted on your iPhone to furnish it with regular assurance. On the off … Read More