Types of Office Directory Signs

In order to help customers find the correct office, many buildings use directory signs. These signs can help a person to locate an office in a multi-office building and help them find useful areas such as the restroom.

Facilities that Need Signs

In addition to office buildings, there are many other types of businesses and recreational centers that can make it easier for their customers to make their way around. Parks can use signs to allow a person to find their gathering and can help them find reserved areas.

Government buildings can help a person find the direct service or department that they are looking for. This will help out the general public. They will be able to locate a specific office and will get the service that they are looking for.

Schools can have signs that will help a person find a specific sports field, the auditoriums, or even the restrooms. This will make it easier for people that are not familiar with the building located where they need to go.

Modern churches are rather large in size. They are no longer just one story buildings. Signs in the church can help a person find the part that they are looking for especially if there is no one to ask for directions.

Shopping centers are often busy and there are a number of stores located within a small area. The signs will help a person find the store they are looking for. It can help them go in the right direction and they will not have to spend hours looking for the store or items that they need.

Sign Colors

Many companies add signs that have the colors of their company included in them. The backdrop or the headings should have the companies colors or even their shades. This will make a lasting impression with the customers and help them locate the business.


There are different sizes and this will depend if the sign is going to be put in a slider or will have its permanent place. In an office building, larger signs can be as large as 14 inches so they can be seen clearly. This will make it easy to read for people that have entered the building. People will poor eyesight will not have to struggle to read the sign.


Some office buildings may have a message or they may have something engraved on their slider. When a company moves the slider can be turned around. If there is a message on it, the message can help the office attract new business. This can also be used for a more visually appealing look to customers. Having a message is much better than looking at an empty space.

Interior and Exterior Signs

These signs can be placed inside of a building is a person is looking to locate a specific office. Outdoor signs are often used by malls and even airports. This will allow a person to determine where they need to go. It can also help people meet up with a specific party. This makes traveling and moving around in an area more efficient. It will also reduce the number of people that may get lost.

These are some of the benefits of having business directory signs. A person will be able to get where they are going in a timely and efficient manner. They will be able to accomplish what they need to and will have a better experience.