The Perfect Chair for All the Right Reasons

When my mom asked me to help her find some new dining chairs, I got pretty excited. I love shopping, and we made a date of it. We hit all the furniture stores in the area, but none of them had what she wanted. I would normally call someone like that picky, but I had to agree with her. We did find a couple of really nice chairs, but they were only being sold as part of a dinner table set. Since she only needed to buy four chairs, she just did not want the added expense of buying a new table as well.

I told her to not give up hope, because I knew that we had not even tackled the online shops yet. I admit that I love to shop, and I do a good bit of it online. I had never purchased anything of this magnitude before though from my computer. Because of that, I read a lot of reviews of the different online furniture retailers. I knew when I came across My Furniture and all their positive reviews, we had a winner. I looked at their dining chairs to make sure they were what Mom would like, and I was confident she would find more than one chair that she liked.

Even before I showed her the website, I assured her that I had thoroughly checked it out. She trusts me, so she just went right to the chairs section and started looking at the ones that would look good at a dining room table. She ended up getting the Torino Grey Scoop Back that has dark legs, the same one that I figured she would. They are classy and comfortable, and the price is a lot lower than what she had budgeted for this. It is the perfect chair for all the right reasons!