Some of the common business insurance policies that all small businesses should be targeting.


When a person invests all his money and energy in to their business, they expect it to pay off well. In addition to it, the business owner would want their business to stay away from any mishaps so that their reputation remains good. But let’s face it; accidents are a part and parcel of life. No matter how much you try to stay covered, there will definitely be some cases when your business gets involved in some mishaps. Hence, it is important that since you have spent so much on it already, why not spend a few quids more to make sure that it is insured. Since there are a lot of insurance companies, you can always compare small business insurance policies with iSelect.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber crimes are not a new phenomena in the current times. We have seen multiple businesses being significantly affected by cyber attacks on regular basis. The first thing tat every business should do is to try and prevent cyber crimes from affecting their business by taking appropriate measures. However, this will not suffice, business should also opt for Cyber Insurance to cover their business in case of any financial loss.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance, as the name suggests is an insurance policy specifically designed for the employees of the company. Some organizations do need to have this insurance as it is mandatory; however, it is advisable for all to have this insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance helps compensate the employees of the business in case there has been an accident causing a workplace wound. Not only will it protect the business from being sued as the wrong workplace environment can prompt up serious legal charges. The insurance will also compensate the employees for all their lost wages and help them pay all their medical bills.

General Liability Insurance

With general liability, people often think that such an insurance will cover any type of mishap and injury caused. Although the insurance will cover majority of the things, it does have some exclusions that the business should be mindful of. The general liability insurance covers businesses from claims made for property damage, personal injuries, and other similar scenarios. It will make sure that it covers all the related costs associated to the mishap. It is a very important insurance that all businesses should look forward to acquire as it covers majority of the things.

Professional Liability Insurance

When you are in a business, you are bound to give suggestions and opinions. Since you are the master of your job, people will come to you every now and then take your suggestions as to how they should proceed with a problem. Likewise, there might be cases when you have given a wrong advice that has lead to some financial losses faced by the clients. The professional liability insurance is an insurance that will make sure to compensate and cover for all the situations where the business has shown negligence and lack of professionalism.