Safe Storage of Your Belongings: Self Storage or Loft Space?

Many people ask us this question. Why should I fork out my hard earned money to rent a storage unit if I have a loft in my house? Shouldn’t I use that for storage instead? This is a great question if we are to be truthful. A loft might be the right storage option for some people. However, there are many reasons why lofts make for a risky, unreasonable and challenging storage option. With this in mind, we are going to look at why self-storage is a better storage solution as compared to a loft, in today’s post.

Available Room

Chances are that your loft is quite small in terms of space. Your loft will likely be similar in size with to the footprint of your home, unless you live in a mansion – in which case storage space is likely to be plentiful. The loft in your house cannot be used as a liveable space due to the presence of beams and eaves, which reduce its height. However, when it comes to storing away small items such as silver gifts for men which you would rather have within close reach, it comes in handy. On the other hand, it might be quite inconvenient for you to get larger things, such as furniture items and boxes filled with clothes, up into the loft hatch after climbing up a ladder. This is where self-storage proves useful. To ensure that they can accommodate huge items, self-storage units are built in a number of sizes, facilitating convenient and straightforward use.


Sadly, residential properties get robbed all the time, even though no one wants to entertain such thoughts. In case this happens, you could end up losing the valuable belongings you might be storing inside your home. However, you can be sure that the stuff you store in a self-storage unit will remain secure and safe at all times. Security codes, CCTV security systems, alarms and your individual padlock – with you having the only set of keys – are among the many levels of security used to secure self storage units.

Safeguarding Your Belongings

Self storage units can protect your belongings better than a loft space in a number of ways over and above the security measure discussed above. Weather elements and debris may end up destroying anything you have stored in your loft space in case the roof gets damaged in any way. Furthermore, your valuables could be soaked in water in mere seconds if the hot water tanks or boilers, which are usually installed in the loft space in many houses, were to develop problems such as a leak.

Accidental damage, like if you fell on the boxes when moving around in the loft space, destruction by pets such as rodents, and damage linked to domestic fires, also pose a significant level of risk to your valuables. You can steer clear of all these issues, once and for all, by choosing to go with the self storage option. Most facilities are equipped with the latest smoke and fire detection systems to keep your valuables safe; additionally, you can’t store foodstuffs in self storage units, thus eliminating the need to be concerned about pests.

Professional Assistance

If you need it, professional assistance is on hand, of course. Getting things in and out of a loft space requires a couple of extra hands at least. We can all admit that no one considers spending their weekend hauling things up a ladder to be a fun experience. If you want help moving things in and out of your unit, moving stuff to the unit, and loading up trolleys, self storage facilities have a team of professionals on hand. You don’t even have to move up a ladder to access your unit whenever you need to.