Public Speaking Jobs

The idea of public speaking jobs is not a new one, although today there are probably more (or at least as many) jobs that relate to teaching public speaking than to do it. Look at SurveyClarity website to find jobs related to public speaking.

Motivational and inspirational

At the same time, motivational and inspirational speaking has become big business, and performers, celebrities, successful sportsmen and women with a personal story of some sort to tell, can all make a lot of money if they have excellent sound public speaking skills. Life coaches with good speaking skills and loads of confidence can also make a decent living, even though they may not need to speak to groups of people very often.

Many motivational and inspirational speakers base their businesses on life-changing experiences and immense personal success. They use what they have learned in their own lives to teach others how to be successful and happy and how to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Many become role models, especially for younger people, because they speak from personal experience and show others how they overcame impossible odds or succeeded where others did not.

Both motivational and inspirational speakers are invited to give speeches at functions and events. Still, many also visit schools and colleges, and even businesses, to help students and employees become more motivated.

Presenters, keynote speakers, and masters of ceremony (MCs) are often celebrities in their own right. For example, successful television presenters, who are used to speaking in front of glaring television cameras, can get part-time speaking jobs because people know who they are. Similarly, good lookers who have won beauty competitions, models, and successful television and film actors are also able to get public speaking jobs — provided of course they can speak well in front of large groups of people. These jobs may be full-time, but very often, they are one-off appointments for individual events.

You will also find former heads of state, Nobel laureates, some prominent United States cabinet officers, world statesmen, well-known executive officers of multi-national corporations, leading economists, and even best-selling authors and top journalists willing to take on jobs as keynote speakers or MCs.

Most of these people have been in situations where they had to speak in public. Because they had high-powered or well-publicized positions, people, in general, know their names and who they are. Generally, those who are inspiring, passionate, and entertaining do best of all.

Now there is another line of work that relates to public speaking, and that is the agency or booking agent. A top agency with a good selection of top speakers can pull a good deal of commission by finding appointments for public speakers who are registered with the agency. But they do, of course, need to offer top service to clients as well. The best agencies will secure a speaker for an event and also supply an event logistics manager who will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Then there are the teachers. Without a doubt, some of the best are those who have succeeded in public speaking themselves, and who now want to pass their skills on to others.