metallic aluminum IML foi

Attracts customer attention – without a shadow of a doubt, metallic IML foil always draws the customer’s eye to the products on the shelves. Rest assured, our metallic aluminum IML foil always has the necessary shelf appeal.

Preserves a metallic look – this is especially important for companies moving from metal packaging to plastic packaging, as your company identity can be maintained through the continuation of a metallic look, even without the metallic package.

High-end quality look – don’t just take our word for it. A short trip to any store or supermarket will show you just how much of a difference metallic foil can make to a product. From foodstuffs to cosmetics, the brands that use metallic aluminum IML foil always look like the top of the range choices.

Cost effective – we have shown this type of packaging to be the most cost effective transition from metal to plastic packaging solutions.

Diverse application – the sheer number of different companies using this type of IML packaging solution is testament to its versatility.

Customizable – whether you’re adding your company logo, or experimenting with different colors, the photographic finish afford by Global Roto Sheka’s technology and innovation ensures that your customizations are always of the highest quality.