I Met a Girl This Afternoon

It is a really great day for me, since I managed to find a really great girl. In fact she seems to have money or at least it seems like her family does. She has a brand new executive condo on the 11th floor of one of the brand new buildings in the Parc Life complex. Most of the building is not occupied yet and there are still workers finishing the building. They are doing the stuff that makes it look ready to live in from what I can tell. At any rate these friends of mine introduced us and we have already gone out twice today. We went out and played some golf. She was good and I barely know how to play the game, so that was a little farcical. We were having a pretty good time. That was a surprise to me and I hate to even think about how poorly I was doing. She tried to help me out and I did seem to get better at the game when I was done.

We went out for dinner and a movie that night. The place she picked was pretty expensive and I realized that this could be a problem for me, since it is obvious that she is used to going to the sorts of places that might hurt my wallet pretty good. The movie was not really that good, and a lot of people walked out of it before we did. Eventually we went for a walk in Canberra Park and I am going to go and pick her up again tomorrow. She wants to go see a football match, which was a bit of a surprise to me. Apparently she is really quite good and tells me that she played forward for the university she attended.