Fire Extinguisher Training Dallas Fort Worth North Texas

It does not matter what industry a person works in they can benefit from training to teach them how to use a fire extinguisher. Dallas fire extinguisher training will teach a person how to use this correctly so they can be prepared if a fire breaks out.

Fire Safety Education

This training uses a special software program has part of their training. This will offer a virtual room for a person to train or to learn. There are also in-person demonstrations. The course will meet all standards that are set by OSHA for fire training safety.


Depending on the industry a person works in there are different pieces of training for the fire extinguisher that they can add. One of the most popular is the general purpose class. This teaches a person how to use fire extinguishers that are commonly found in homes and most businesses. This information is good to know to help keep people safe in a fire emergency. There are courses for people that work in the field of mining. There is a general medicine fire training as well as training for people that work in construction. There are health care fire courses and courses that will teach a person how to put out a fire in a casino or even an arcade.

Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Training

There are many benefits to taking this training. There are additional benefits to taking this training in an online format. There will be a screen to see the fire projected. There is no need to start a real fire as part of the training. The fire extinguisher will have an infrared nozzle as part of the newest training technology. A person can take several attempts per scene. This way they can practice until they feel comfortable. If there are taking this course as part of a group, all of the group members can have a turn. The training will use real-life scenes and can be customized to a person can get accurate training. The computer system will be able to record the number of fires that have been put out as well as those that have been missed. This will allow a person to determine how much more practice that they need/

Topics Covered

There are some important topics that should be covered in the fire extinguisher training. A person should learn a little about the different causes of the fire and learn how to evaluate a fire so they can know if they can they can safely approach it. A person will learn about the different types of fire extinguishers and the types of fires each one is designed to fight. If a person uses the wrong type of fire extinguisher it can make the fire worse. They will learn about the rating system. A person will also learn how to inspect the fire extinguisher. This should be done periodically to make sure the extinguisher is still working properly and can be used in the event of a fire. In this course, a person will also learn about fire prevention and what step to take in cases there is an emergency. This will help make sure everyone is safe.


Learning how to use a fire extinguisher is a good skill to have. If a fire does break out a person will know how to put their training to good use and can help save the lives of others that are in the home or building.