Facing the Difficulties of Euthanasia

A horse can become a family member over the years of companionship and mutual time shared. Sudden, devastating illness or injury can create a situation that requires life and death decisions for your beloved pet. Euthanasia is not a pleasant subject for any owner, but a realistic understanding of the potential need is part of the responsibility of ownership.

Staying Mentally Prepared

Neither humans or animals know if tomorrow will come. Pet ownership comes with the real possibility of one day having to say goodbye. Enjoying every moment of their company is the best way to honor their presence. Storing up the joy you feel will carry you the days following the loss when and if that day comes during your lifetime. At times, euthanasia is the only compassionate answer.

When a Veterinarian Will Recommend Euthanasia

The suggestion to euthanize a horse is not a typical practice for a veterinarian. Animal doctors are trained to save lives, not take them. Illnesses and injuries that offer a nearly zero chance of survival are one time that a veterinarian will recommend euthanasia. If the required surgeries and treatments will only provide widespread suffering, euthanasia comes into play.

When a Veterinarian Will NOT Recommend Euthanasia

A veterinarian will not recommend euthanizing the horse if the health problems simply make it impossible to ride the animal, use it for show, or work. A horse with disabilities can still offer valuable services as a companion animal. The doctor will also refuse euthanasia as an option simply because they are old, or the treatment is expensive. The ultimate choice is left up to the owner.

Making the Balanced Decision

You should carefully balance the decision to end the life of the horse. You do not want to see the animal suffer, but financial reasons are rarely a good deciding factor. You can opt to rehome the pet if left with a companion-quality-only horse. Some individuals seek long and hard to find companions for their other horses or just want a horse to dote on and give affection.

The Difficulties of Letting Go

If euthanasia is the only sensible option, prepare yourself for the onslaught of emotions when saying goodbye is the best answer. Allow plenty of time to grieve before making any decisions to seek a new horse companion.

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