Do You Need A Trading License In Dubai For Social Commerce

Ecommerce is the most profit rewarding business all over the world. This is a massive market as more than half of the world’s population has access to the internet and mobile devices. Our lives are controlled by social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube. People love to spend their time while watching videos or chat with friends and family members. According to a report, more than a billion pictures are uploaded on these platforms. Due to this massive market, companies start selling their services and products through these platforms. Platforms like facebook and instagram still leading the charts when it comes to social media selling.

Likewise, other parts of the world, individuals and companies are using these platforms to increase the user base of their brand which eventually brings sales to the business. But in order to sell online, you need a trade license, this will ensure the protection of customers right. Don’t sell products online without having a valid trading license, in another case if you get caught while selling without a license, you will have to pay the fine and authorities will shut down your pages. In some cases, you also got to face jail if authorities caught you selling the illegal products like drugs, counterfeit items or weapon. So if you think, you are selling legit products then try to set up a company and get a trading license for it.  If you don’t the procedure then you can acquire business setup services in dubai to complete the process for you.

In UAE, social media channels are monitored regularly so if you are planning to sell products online, you should keep in mind you may get a fine of 500,000 AEK once you get caught. So always do the business through proper channels.   Company formation in dubai is super easy so better to take that route.

DED Raids

DED aka Department of Economic Development has shut down more than 13000 social media pages in 2018 because of no license. Most of the pages are selling counterfeits products which are not allowed under dubai consumer protection law. To control this unlicensed selling government introduced an electronic media regulation law in 2019 that states any activity who has commercial intent needs a trading license. So now any commercial intent activity it is in the form of selling products or services needs a valid business setup behind it.  In order to avoid DED raids, you should establish a legit business. Business setup services in dubai have very competitive prices and even if you start a business around 8K. But every business type different trade license so make sure to inquire about it while hiring any company.

Where to Acquire Social Media Trade License?

DED and NMC (National Media Council) are the ones who provide a business license in dubai. If you want to do any kind of business, contact these departments to get information about your business type license. Once you got the verified documents then you can sell products on social media platforms with out being worried about fine.

Final Thoughts

Dubai has very flexible business laws and any investor who wants to invest will find business setup super smooth. If you still don’t know where to start then opt for company management services in dubai, business consultants in Dubai will help to set up everything for you.