Different Fields Of Real Estate To Explore in NY

Over the years, real estate has been the one industry that has maintained its’ consistency – even through recessions. As a matter of fact, investments in certain fields of real estate actually produce higher profits when the economy is performing poorly. The key to finding the right field of real estate to explore in New York is understanding which markets produce the highest profits or the most consistency of cash flow. By learning how these types of investments work, you can maximize your investment portfolio and build a lucrative business.

Fix And Flip Investments

In the outskirts of New York you will find fix and flip investments that can be sold for a decent profit. The key is knowing how to structure the deal so that your profit is built into the deal. To get started, locate the areas where alot of properties are being sold. That activity is an indication that there is a high demand for properties in these particular areas. Write down the address of the properties that are vacant and in bad shape and use online resources or the country courthouse records to determine who the owner of the property is. Call them and inquire about purchasing the property. If they owners agree, schedule a time to view with them.

From here, the most detrimental task in front of you is to accurately assess the innovation costs. This amount will dictate how much you should pay for the property and still make a profit. That is why you never want to underestimate renovation costs. If anything, you want to overestimate them so that you have a cushion to work with incase of mistakes. Tevfik Arif as long as you get these numbers correct, you will always make a profit when you sell the property. So your career can start with only one property, but with a little bit of work, it will continue on to include many.

Buy And Hold Rentals

One of the most obvious fields of real estate to explore and New York is rental properties. That is because New York offers some of the most luxurious rental properties in America. It also offers some of the most expensive. That means that while residential property will be more expensive to acquire, it will also produce higher returns. The best buy and hold rentals to acquire in New York are multi-unit buildings because they are more affordable for the tenants and easier for you to maintain. The many studio or one bedroom apartments start off at $1500, and with six or eight units to rent out, it is easy to see how profitable ventures are in the area.


New York is the fashion capital of America, but it is also the home to a multitude of businesses. This makes commercial income extremely attractive, particularly in this area because of the expensive costs associated with office space. Investing in commercial property is not much unlike residential as there are many concepts between the two that are similar. But there are a few differences related to investing in commercial real estate. That is why commercial investing is not something you jump into right away. Tevfik Arif Bayrock Being successful requires that you perform a moderate amount of research and network with professionals in this specific niche prior to purchasing jumping into the business. Regardless, the type of profits that are possible with commercial estate investment makes the research and training well worth it.

When getting started in real estate in New York it is important to diversify your portfolio. But expand at a moderate pace so that you will not overload yourself. Start by putting all of your energy into one area, expanding and progressing until you have it mastered. Once those investments are operating smoothly, generating enough money to pay for themselves while producing profits consistently, move on to the next area. Continue the process until you have a comfortable portfolio of varied investments. As a result, you will find that real estate can make all of your dreams come true.